1) We have taken the purpose above concerning the First and Second Amendments as the title of this Ministry within the Springs First Church.                                  

2) The title is "Jesus and Guns" Ministry.  The acronym for Jesus and Guns Ministry is "JAG" Ministry.


4120 E. Fountain Blvd.
Colorado Springs CO 80916
Phone 719-596-5119
E-mail  jagnazsfc@gmail.com

What is J.A.G. an acronym for?

Our intent is to glorify God through acts of worshiping Jesus Christ; to develop new relationships; and reach out to perform acts of service to bring all Ministry participants closer to Jesus Christ and the Church.  The Ministry is open to the public where churched and non-churched citizens may assemble to share life experiences and explore their right to keep and bear arms.



Welcome to the Springs First Church, Jesus And Guns (JAG) Ministry, web site.  This ministry is an outreach ministry of the Church and is open to all people whether or not they are participating within a Church.  Your participation with JAG is based upon your desire to exercise your First and Second Amendment rights.  You do not need a firearm to join us. We encourage you to join us, and not only receive our Lord's Blessings, but the Blessings received when developing new friendships while sharing things we each enjoy.