2019 Jesus And Guns (JAG) Activities 
CANCELLED - Concealed Handgun Permit Training 6-9PM 
- We'll have a guest from US Law Shield present the class required for applying for your Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. The class will be $50, cash or check. Please email us jagnazsfc@gmail.com, or call Dean at 719-2OO-2394, to register for the class. Do not bring any firearms into the class. Please arrive a little early so we can start promptly at 6:00. 

12 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast

CANCELLED - CHP Class Follow-up Training.  9:00AM-3:00PM-ish.  We will be hosting a handgun training class for those who've recently taken a Concealed Handgun Permit class, have recently received their permit, are considering applying for a permit, or just want additional training. We will start off at the church for a class with topics including: Handgun Safety, Holsters, Philosophy of self-defense, Shooting stance, Proper grip, Sights, Trigger control, Dry practice procedures, Loading and unloading, and more. 
Weather permitting, Live Fire exercises will be conducted on a private range after lunch. The training is free, however, a suggested contribution of $40 to JAG Ministries is appreciated; the standard value of this type of training is $150.00 per person.
Bring your handgun, holster and 50 rounds of ammunition, ear & eye protection, collared shirt or jacket, hat, and weather appropriate outer garments. If you don't yet have a handgun, let us know and we should be able to let you try one. Please be willing to help with ammunition costs.  DO NOT BRING AMMUNITION INTO THE CHURCH.
Please email us jagnazsfc@gmail.com or call Dean at 719-2OO-2394, to reserve a seat. 
Directions to the range will be given out at the class.

9 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast 7-8AM. 
Presentation by a Professional Angler.

9 - JAG General Session - Gun cleaning class.  9-11AM  Gun Cleaning Class - Bring your guns and cleaning kit (if you have one) and let our resident gunsmith show you how to keep your gun clean.  NO AMMUNITION!
Enter through the Stone Chapel doors on the Southwest side of the church. 

9 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast

14    Hunter's Prayer Breakfast


11 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast
11 - Shooting Test Drive,
Following breakfast, we'll have a 'Shooting Test Drive'.  We'll leave the church at 8:30AM for the Penrose range and have a variety of rifles and handguns for you to try out.  If you're looking to purchase a handgun or rifle, or are just interested in trying some of the variety of different types of guns (pump action, lever action, bolt action, semi-auto, revolver, etc.) this is an opportunity to see if you like a certain type of gun.

​8 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast

13 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast
​10 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast
10 - Fishing at Farish. 
Following the Hunter's Prayer Breakfast, we'll head to the Farish Recreation Area near Woodland Park for some fishing, for those who wish.  Bring your lunch, fishing gear, and clothes and sunscreen for the weather.  There is a small fee for fishing licenses, and we will need to coordinate entry.

​14 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast

12 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast

12 - Fun Shoot.  Following the Prayer Breakfast, we'll leave the church at 8:30AM to visit a private range in Penrose for shooting (32 miles).We'll have some fun shooting various reactive targets for rifle, pistol & shotguns.
Bring your guns, ammo, ear & eye protection, water, sunscreen, hats, targets (paper targets, filled water or milk jugs, etc.) There are metal clanging targets on the pistol range. Some targets are limited to lead bullets. 
We should finish around lunch time and may stop by the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant.

9 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast

​14 - Hunter's Prayer Breakfast

 JAG General Sessions are held at Springs First Church of the Nazarene, 4120 E Fountain Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80916.   We usually meet in rooms M1 & M2.  Enter through the double glass doors on the southwest corner of the moss rock covered building with the steeple on top.  Follow the signs to the meeting room.  Meetings start at 9:00AM.   If you'd like, you may join us beforehand for breakfast at Panera from 7-8AM. 

The Hunter & Sportsmen's Prayer Breakfast meet the second Saturday of each month from 7-8AM at Panera Bread, 3120 New Center Pt., Colorado Springs, near Powers and South Carefree. We'll have prayer, a devotional, fellowship, and swap hunting, fishing & outdoor stories.