It is interesting how the Lord works.  We had a couple of guys from our Church sitting in a restaurant talking about their recently purchased firearms.  They thought it would be neat if they could get a group of friends, like minded people from the Church, together for a breakfast and then run out to the range, do some shooting, and have a good time.  So they planned a get-to-gather by passing the word around the Church.  WOW, forty-five men and women showed up at the first breakfast and made the trip to the range.

Since that time the initial concept of a get-to-gather has evolved into an organized Church Ministry with a ministry leadership team.  The JAG Ministry "General Sessions" are open to all interested parties and the Ministry is financed through donations to the ministry, there are no fee's or dues.  This is not a gun club but rather a Church outreach ministry.  The ministry adheres to both the Federal and State laws concerning firearms. We continue to develop and grow.  We conduct basic firearm safety which is mandatory for all participants prior to going to the range with us and live firing.  We have participants who have teaching skills concerning handguns, rifles, shotguns, black power, firearm safety, ballistics, reloading, home safety, and concealed carry.   As the leadership team develops the specific activity schedule for the year it will be posted to the JAG calendar.

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JAG Firearms and Range Safety Guidelines

JAG Ministries Handbook

Concealed Handgun Permit Class